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Water Electric Potentials (UEP) are produced by cathodic currents in the ship or submarine hull and also from propellers or other metallic materials in contact with salt water. A vessel's electrical potential signature is therefore distributed in a similar manner to the magnetic signature. This can also be used as an input signal or trigger signal in an influence mine. The vessel's movements also produce an additional Low Frequency Electric field (ELFE) that can be used for positioning, targeting or surveying.

Polyamp has designed a series of sensors and platforms for measuring these underwater electrical signatures for use in:umiss mkii t

  • Oil and gas map applications
  • Upgrading conventional sea areas
  • Transportable sea areas
  • Surveillance, fixed or mobile equipment mines influence oceans
  • Part of the Harbour protection system
  • Environmental assessment system
    (eg, wave, earthquake, ionospheric noise)

All Polyamp sensors and platforms use a unique and patented Polyamp carbon fiber electrode sensor that is highly sensitive. The mechanical robustness, handling and expected life of sensors using carbon fiber technology make it much more versatile for these applications compared to other types of electrodes.

Polyamp can deliver a complete system package with electrodes, very low noise amplifier, data collection, analysis, presentation and documentation with the SWECADE © range software package.

Polyamp UEP och ELFE Systems - important featuresest ii system

  • Carbon Fiber Electrodes - robust technology
  • Very low noise amplifier - High sensitivity
  • Salinity Independent - Useful for all water immediately
  • Inert Sensors - Maintenance-free without the need for Salt Bridges
  • Rapid Deployment - No Operational Delays
  • High reliability - Long service life
  • 3 Axis Platform Designs - Fast and Transport Ranges

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Polyamp Power Division is specialised in DC/DC converters and power supplies. Since the 1970's we design DC/DC converters with a reputation of very high reliability and electrical performance, used in systems with high demands.

Polyamp Systems Division is specialised in design of Naval electromagnetic signatures supression for international customers in Navies or shipyards. We also produce a Underwater Electric Potential (UEP) sensors which is mainly used in Naval and in Oil exploration applications.