Polyamp Power division, in Åtvidaberg Sweden, are specialised in DC-DC converters and power supplies. We design DC/DC converters since 1970-ties, with reputation of very high reliability and electical performance, they are used in systems with high demands.

Polyamp Systems Division, in Sollentuna Sweden, are specialised in design of Naval electromagnetic signatures supression for international customers in Navies or shipyards. We also produce a Underwater Electric sensor (UEP) which is mainly used in Naval and in Oil exploration applications.

Introduction to Polyamp AB

The Polyamp core technology, since the beginning of 70's, is switch mode power conversion. For our wide range of DC/DC converters this is clear but for our Signature Management Systems it's not so obvious. However in a Degaussing system for ships and submarines as well as for an Influence sweep supply the main supply is in fact computer controlled switch mode power supplies.

Polyamp main activities are separated in two main sectors:
Polyamp Power Divison, where we design, produce and market our range of DC/DC converters from 30 to 2000W.

Our main markets here are demanding customer in Railway, Process control, Power utilities, Forklifts, electrical vehicles, naval, military; fixed, land mobile and Naval applications.

On the Swedish market we also distribute laboratory power supplies and power supplies from Delta Elektronika Netherlands and Power supplies and plugg-in Inverters from Powernet Finland.

Our Polyamp Systems Division handles magnetic and electric signature control for naval ships and submarines. We are most known for our Advanced Degaussing System (ADGs) concept but have also a very advanced Influence sweep supply system, the MSS2000©. The SWECADE©,  software with its data acquisition system and analysis system fits a Navy needs from being basic degaussing design tool as well as a fast magnetic and electric ranging handling software. With this proven software package Polyamp can handle turnkey deliveries , i.e a total degaussing system delivery including the signature performance to the specification.

Polyamp has also an exclusive licence on an unique Carbon Fibre under water electric (UEP/ELFE) sensor and have with these sensors also designed and delivered a Underwater Multi Influence Sensor Systems the UMISS©.

This means that Polyamp can cover the whole support field from designing a onboard ADG for a customer requirement to a signature, deliver the ADG Equipment, design and deliver a range system to the customer with all the equipment, man the range system at sea trials with our own degaussing expert officers if the customer so wishes. Furthermore Polyamp can support customers in the Influence Sweep areas.

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Why choose Polyamp?

film2Polyamp is a company that stands out among its competitors, thanks to our product quality and high quality service. We give priority to close relationships with our customers, which means that we today, proudly can show a customer loyalty of 98%.

A survey conducted by Bearing Consulting shows that Polyamp are good at dealing with inquiries and has a high delivery reliability. The results also show good communication skills both within the organization and with the outside world.

Polyamp is simply great to deal with.

This is why Polyamp is the preferred choice:

In General

100 %

  • Polyamp is a company that gives 100%.
  • We put 100% effort into getting a product as good as possible.
  • We have close to 100 % delivery accurancy.
  • Our Power Supply Units PSU (DC-DC & AC-DC) are basically 100% flawless, even after many years. A representative product from our range demonstrated in a MTBF-calculation 3.3 million hours and a service life of 55 years. This was very consistent with our internal Chi-2 failure calculation. (See FAQ)
  • We are 100% Polyamp and definitely proud.

Know How

  • Polyamp is a high technology company that for almost 50 years been focusing on DC/DC converters. This means that we have the broadest experience in the market. We are confident in our designs and products. According to a independent marketing research, our customers have the same opinion.
  • Polyamp products are "A secure part in your system", with less supervision.
  • We always deliver a high quality service.

Our Brand

  • We always strive to deliver the best products, our long experience, high reliability, good service and reputation comes along with it.


  • The price of a product is determined by more than the products purchase price.
  • The total price of a product = The cost of the products lifecycle.
  • Polyamp is striving that our products will work for much longer time than our competitors' products, while delivering better functionality and performance, combined with high service and close customer contact.
  • Polyamp products therefore provide a low total cost, while our customer gets an even better product.

Covers 90% of all of your possible needs

  • Polyamp produce several hundreds of different models of DC/DC, we also combine parallel or serial connections, to meet an additional hundreds applications.
  • We also customize products after the customers' specific needs.


  • Polyamp have always taken a great environmental responsibility, through active participation in groups, committees and inquiries relating to environmental matters, we have always been at the forefront concerning environmental activities.
  • In addition to these environmental requirements, we strive to improve the environmental impact throughout the products whole lifecycle, from the initial stage of a product to its end.
  • Polyamp is working with an environmental program to minimize the use of hazardous materials and to reduce production time.
  • Our choice of design and component selection means that even a 40 year old product of Polyamp is easy to recycle.
  • Packaging material is designed with concern for environmental aspects.
  • More information is available on our environmental web pages.

Open/Closed Company

  • Polyamp is an open company and we are happy to work with companies / schools / organizations. We are happy to share our long experience.
  • At the same time we are confined by our customers as we produce military products under certain restrictions, depending on different requirements.

Collaboration with Universities

  • Polyamp have for years enjoyed beneficial collaborations with KTH and Linköping University to improve the quality of both our products and organization. Through partnerships with colleges and universities Polyamp gets a knowledge exchange with competent and independent experts, which promotes a holistic aspect and strengthens Polyamp's competitiveness.



  • Most Polyamp PSU used air cooling or conduction cooling. To achieve a low average temperature providing long life expectancy, we use a more expensive aluminum casing of the unit. Other than that, it provides excellent mechanical, environmental, EMC and fire properties.
  • Polyamp has always used robust aluminum profile case. The reason was that Polyamp's founder already in the 1960-ties had the notion that aluminum has a good heat transfer true the material but not along. To achieve that, you need more material to spread the heat.
  • Secondly the surface color do not matter for the cooling effect, therefore the Polyamp profiles where greenish until the 80-ties when this "Polyamp Green" becomed obsolete, therefore we changed to the current gold/yellow color. This color does not add to the cost of the case.
  • We also use to use surface increasing methods, however realized it's better to have a flat surface and increase the thickness to spread the heat, then add more aluminum for better cooling.
  • Aluminum is expensive to produce as a raw material, however easy to recycle and the fact is today that our cases contain 70% recycled aluminum and our design makes the profiles easy to recycle.

Installations are made within 5 min

  • The units are supplied with different attachment methods depending on the model such as: wall mounting, DIN rail, 19"-subrack module or 19"-modular. The units have no ventilation holes to prevent dust from entering the interior portion, which is important for industrial and mobile applications. All models are convection-cooled (not PC1400 & PC2000) and require no special installation or additional cooling. The units can be mounted in any direction.


  • Our internal design requirements to meet the standards are tough. That's because the same product must meet multiple applications with different requirements.
  • We have extensive experience and can guide the customer in what is required in their applications.


  • All products are CE marked, for electrical safety, EMC and RoHS directives.

Galvanic separation

  • All of Polyamp DC/DC converters are galvanic ally isolated between input / output and input / output to chassis.


  • Usually, there is much "dirt" in all electrical wires and here Polyamp set the bar high to fix this as much as possible.
  • We have filters on the input AND output, which gives an output current which is much cleaner compared to what other manufacturers can offer.
  • Also see our FAQ.


  • EMC is the scourge of modern life since it creates elusive problem. Polyamp has long taken these problems 100% seriously, and we build our equipment for maximum interference protection.
  • Also see our FAQ.


  • We manufacture DC-DC converters for specific customer needs.
  • We try wherever possible to modify standard equipment within the confines of the CE marking.

Quality system

  • Polyamp is ISO9001:2008 certified and have had system since 1993 and working with Lean methods since 1998. We also have an extension for Nuclear Power plant 1E. Open our ISO9001:2008 Certificate.

Support system

  • Electronics production involves complex logistics since each product contains hundreds of components and if one is missing a product can not be built.
  • Polyamp have had computerized support system since 1983, which helps us to provide fast and accurate delivery information. We are every year very close to 98% on date delivery.

Mine Protection

  • One department works with Deagussing systems for Naval ships and submarines as Polyamp is a world leader in high-tech equipment.



  • We are traditionally common in the railway sector, thanks to high quality products and close customer relationships with service in focus.
  • Our railways require systems that are expected to operate regardless of any circumstance, which makes Polyamp an important component to ensure these system requirements. Our products are located in a variety of places in a train set, and are an important part of a larger system.
  • Thanks to our robust mechanics, we can meet the new fire requirements on trains.

Nuclear Power Industry

  • Polyamp are authorized within nuclear power plants highest class 1E.
  • We are inspected every other year in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 + 1E requirements.
  • We are registered in the Nordic power industry in Achilles No. 106611.


  • "It has to work when it matters" - For that reason, the defense chooses Polyamps products.
  • Polyamps products meet high standards of reliability, even under extreme conditions.
  • All of our products have high EMC protection.

Off Shore

  • Oil and gas platforms or equipment at sea require reliability, no effect on radio communications and other equipment (EMC)
  • No freestanding power supply unit (any supplier) meets ATEX requirements without external casing, we provide the data needed to design such compartment.


  • It is important on ships / boats with galvanic protection, which Polyamp products meet.
  • At sea, it is imperative that everything is working and that the components are reliable, which is an important reason to marine customers will return and choose Polyamp.
  • Polyamps products are built so that they do not interfere with systems such as EMC, radio, and other wireless equipment can do.