New DC/DC converter PSC-series 100-240 W

New 20% smaller PSC-series DC/DC converter!

Polyamp a release new version ofthe popular DC/DC converter series PSC150 – PSC240
We increased the highest input voltage up to 550 Vd.c. as demands start to increase in this domain and outputs from 5 V to 125 Vd.c. between 100 to 240 W output power with convection cooling.
Main features with the new PSC-series are:

  • Very low emissionsand high immunity (EMC) both on input and output
  • Compact self convection cooled design
  • Operating temperature +55°C,
    features or option for -40, +70°C, (+85°C 10 min)
  • DC Inputs from 16 up to 560 Vdc
  • Outputs 5V up to 125 Vdc
  • Short lead times
  • CE-marked, EMC, Safety and RoHS II

We also emphasize the two different mechanical stiles:

  • N-mechanics, 42 mm high, intended for wall, chassis and DIN rail mounting
  • L-mechanics, Euro format 3HE with 8TE and options to 12TE.

PSC-serries 38 mm or 8TE mechanics

New PSC-series L- and N-mechanics

You can download the datasheet from our home page


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Polyamp ISO 9001:2015 certified

iso-9001-engPolyamp is since March 2014 fully ISO 9001:2008 Certified and now ISO9001:2015 after a third party review of the company quality management system.

A documented quality system has been in place since 1993 and dedicated quality audits by our customers has been the preferred way to comply with the customer quality expectations.

Encouraged by an international customer, Polyamp decided in August 2013 to go for the formal certification which is now in place without exclusions. In addition to the ISO 9001 Polyamp is also qualified for an extension (1E) for Nuclear Power plants (issued by Swedish Vattenfall). The ISO 9001 certification is valid for the two Polyamp plants in Sweden.


PM500 new Polyamp DC/DC family

pm500-110PM500 a new generation 500 W convection cooled DC/DC converters. It's a free standing unit that can be mounted on wall, chassis, DIN-rail. The units fits into 19"-rack mounting 2U and can be stacked with the optional panels as 2 pluggable units 2U or 5 units with 6U panel.
Inputs 110 and 220 Vd.c. with outputs 13.2 - 110 V. Very low noise input and output.  As an option 24 and 48 V output meet the EN55022 level B.
Wide input voltage ranges to meet requirement in railway or vehicles are available.


  • Only 2U including convection cooling.
  • Pluggable in 19"-rack format: 2U with 2 units, 6U with 5 units.
  • Convection cooled -25 to+70°C
  • Two outputs, before and after series diode
  • Over and under voltage alarm
  • Overvoltage protected output
  • Over temperature limit


  • +70°C convection cooled at known load
  • Input voltage range according to Railway EN50155/IEC60571
  • Modification for minimum fire load according to Raylway EN 45545
  • EN/IEC 6100-4-5 level 4, thus ±2 kV/±4 kV (2/12 Ohm)
  • Panels for 19" monting 2U and 6U
  • DIN TS-35 mounting


The PM500 series meets the low emmission levels according to light industry and telecom EN/IEC 61000-6-3. As an option special Telecom requirements EN55022 level B can be met on output.

Heavy industry Immunity according to EN/IEC 61000-6-2 however we also meet tougher levels used in Sub-stations, railway and power utilities.

This means we meet the Generic Immunity levels EN/IEC 61000-6-1 & 6-2 and Emission levels  EN/IEC 61000-6-3 & 6-4 are met, which means this converter can be installed in all environments defined in the EMC directive.


Electric safety EN/IEC 60950
EMC as described, please note EMC as well on output
RoHS directive 2011/65/EC

Fire and smoke DC/DC converter

How can a standard DC/DC converter meet the Smoke and Fire standards?

fire-smoke The purpose of EN 45545 is that train coaches are designed in such a way that passengers have enough time to evacuate in case of emergency. EN 45545 regulates all fire safety aspects for railway vehicle and defines three requirement levels (hazard level), depending on the type and area of operations, whereas HL3 stands for the highest level. The so far national fire safety specifications for the railway industry were being supplemented by the new European Fire Safety Standard EN 45545.

The obvious solution is to put all electronics into fire enclosures, which however is not always possible. One key aspect for Polyamp’s product success is that we use a more expensive, but extremely solid aluminum case to protect their DC/DC converters. This ensures not only very good cooling, but also high mechanical stability, protection against dust and excellent EMC performance. Thanks to this product concept Polyamp’s engineers realized the fulfillment of EN 45545 within short time with only small modifications.

Additional information: The 30 to 500 W units fall in the category of “non listed product” < 100 g of EN 45545-2. The connector is less than 20 g and approved NFF16 101/102 and thus also meeting UNI CEI 1170, DIN5510 Class III, BS 6183.

Following film shows an demonstration, duration 57 seconds.


umiss-mkPolyamp have significantly updated its proven Multi Influence Sensor System UMISS©.
Significant Improvements is reduced size and weight and increased functionality such as:

  • Increased frequency range for the Magnetic and Electric sensors; now up to 3kHz user selectable
  • Enhanced Inclination sensor and a new Humidity sensor
  • Sea cable can now be ruggedized copper cable Ethernet TCP/IP with extended range up to 1000 meters
  • The UMISS© standard software has improved with Waterfall, FFT analysis and more

After the enhancement the updated UMISS sensor is called the UMISS© MKII. The UMISS© MKII is already in proven International use.
See the separate data sheet of the UMISS© MKII for more information.

pdf UMISS© MKII datasheet (388.24 kB)


CVN 77 Deperming process in record time

norfolkmoveIn beginning of Mars 2012 the CVN77 set new record in Deperming. Polyamp feels that our system was an important factor to achieve this record.
Polyamp supplied mid 2008 a Degaussing system to the CVN77 carrier. It is the largest Degaussing system Polyamp has ever designed and delivered with 360 kW installed power. The 10 January 2009 it sailed out from the shipyard Newport News Shipbuilding, Virginia to start commisioning test.

Railway DC/DC converters

moviatunnelbPolyamp has continuously supplied switch mode DC/DC converters to the international railway industry since 1973. The Company now has the capability to meet performance requirements of worldwide applications and to accommodate the extreme environmental demands of hot and humid Bangkok, hot and dry Australia and the arctic north of Sweden

System Applications

All Polyamp DC/DC Converters for railway applications are designed to be safe, technically compliant, reliable and cost effective.

Applications include systems for surface and underground trains powered by both electric and diesel locomotives, trams and special vehicles used by the operators and maintainers. Systems can be categorised as:

Train systems
Systems used by the driver are specifically safety conscious and a fault will either stop the train or automatically revert it to an alternative fail safe mode.

  • Driver computer
  • Train control
  • Remote control
  • Emergency starting
  • Radio
  • Head and backlight (Xenon/Halogen/LED)
  • Alarm (bells/horns)
  • Wipe washers
  • Cameras
Passenger comfort systems
  • Displays & information
  • Lamps (Halogen/LED)
  • IT-equipments
  • Sound/Communication
  • Toilets
  • Coffee & Restaurant
Railway operating systems
  • Counting devices, ticketing
  • Remote control
  • Cameras
  • Doors
  • Lifts including disabled facilities
  • Track control system GSM-R

Technical Standards
Modern trains achieve savings of weight and space by using battery voltage up to 110 Vd.c. but most system equipments require input power at 12V and 24Vdc. The DC/DC Converter transforms the basic 110 Vdc to 12 and 24 Vdc, but can also perform the inverse if necessary. i.e. convert 12 and 24 Vdc to 110 Vdc.

Train standards
Polyamp DC/DC Converters are designed to meet the railway specific standards for electronic equipment onboard trains including those specified in EN50155 and IEC60571. They are mechanically rugged for reliable operation in a very harsh environment throughout their whole life. Read more about train input voltage ranges.

Where these standards specify different levels for particular conditions, applicable ratings will be confirmed and agreed for individual customer applications.

An additional benefit of the Polyamp DC/DC Converters is that when they are used as a power source for equipments, that in themselves are not compliant with the EN 50155 and IEC 60571 standards, they effectively function as a filter and galvanic separation to shield those equipments. This allows the railway operator to use Commercial On The Shelf (COTS) equipments for such applications.

Environmental specification

Ambient temperature
The standard level is -25 to +55°C but most applications specify -25 to +70°C (T3).
Polyamp DC/DC Converters can be supplied to operate in temperatures from -40°C to +85°C.

Our DC/DC converters are compliant with the EN 50121-3-2 (IEC 62236-3-2) and also EN 50121-4 (IEC 62236-4) EMC performance specified for electronic equipments.
Our emission levels are much lower (-30dB) than the train limits. Our outputs also meet the immunity demands, which few competitors do. It means our output can be distributed and feed electronic equipment that do not meet the EN 50155 input variations.

Shock and vibration
Compliant with the IEC/EN 61373 requirements for body mounted class B.

Polyamp DC/DC converters are regularly used in military vehicles and fork lifts, which have more severe vibration requirements

Input voltage range of DC/DC Converters
EN 50155 and IEC 60571 specify a nominal input variation of ±30% including ripple but some other specifications define ±40%. For modern trains with better d.c. supply systems they can be relaxed and for markets still using RIA12 specifications, Polyamp can also supply models that meet its surge requirement of 3.5x nominal input voltage. Input voltages ranges for vehicles and railway applications.

pdf  Flyer 2006 Train (English) (1.62 MB)

Polyamp receives the Raytheon Supplier Excellence Award


Åtvidaberg March 17, 2010 - Polyamp AB was recognized for its quality and performance by Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems. Polyamp received the Five Star in the Supplier Excellence Award at a ceremony held on March 2, 2010.

Raytheon recognizes its suppliers based on three important factors: on-time delivery measures, sustained performance on quality and commitment to continuous process and quality improvement. The Five Star is the highest rank within the Supplier Excellence Award.

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600V & 1200V power supply for Solar cells and electric car applications

sm6000Laboratory power supply intended to test solar cell inverters, electric- and hybrid car development and switch mode 3-phase equipments like motordrives and power supplies.

The Delta Elektronika's new Labb power supply SM600-10 provides 0 - 600Vd.c. 0-10A. Its designed such 2 units can be series connected to supply 0-1200V with high electrical safety. For extrenal control an insulation amplifier is built in. New types of solar cells work upp to 1200V.

Delta Elektronika's SM6000 series are silent 6kW power supplies with temperature controlled fan. The design also made to minimise EMC influence.