The Polyamp program of AC/DC power supplies with output power up to 3000 W includes small linear modules used to supply sensitive equipment like low noise amplifiers. Polyamp provides DIN mounted and 19"-subrack modules in Euroformat with 3HE and 6HE units. Those can also be built in chassis. Polyamp brands are Delta Elektronika Netherlands, Powernet Finland and Polyamp's own designs.

The higher power form fit are of 19"-rack modules or bench type. Delta Elektronika power supplies are convection cooled with high reliability and very low noise.
Powernet has a standard program of fan cooled units, equipped with internal MCU that can e.g. control a battery charge pofile in voltage mode. Powernet are also specialised of designing customs adjustment or complete customer specified designs. Delta Elektronika have 2 series with 3-phase inputs and more advanced programming within Delta Elektronika labb power supplies

60-100 W Euro format, wall, DIN mounting

PSE60 & PSE100 series

Polyamp PSE100 series AC/DC power supplies with one output 5V, 12V, 24V, 28V, 36V, 48V.
They have very high practical MTBF and are CE marked as fee standing unit. Euroformat 3HE 8TE wide also intended to be mounted on wall,  DIN rail, vehicle body and 19" rack.  Operating temperature range -25 to +70°C.


  PSE60 PSE100
Output voltages 5 - 48 Vdc 5 - 48 Vdc
Output power 60 W 100 W
Input voltages 87 - 276 Vac 100 - 240 Vac
Input type Wide Optimized
Compatible DC in   Yes, DC inputs..
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PSC 150 - 240 W Euroformat 10-12 TE, 3HE, wall mount

PSC150 & PSC240 series

Polyamp PSC150 & PSC240 series AC/DC powersupplies with one output 5 V to 125 VDC..
Very high practical MTBF and are CE marked as fee standing unit.
Euroformat 3HE 8TE - 12TE wide also intended to be mounted on wall, DIN rail, vehicle body and 19" rack. Operating temperature range -25 to +55°C. With option T3 up to +85°C. The PSC-series has compatible DC/DC converters.

New release PSC series AC inputs

  PSC150 PSC240
Output 5 - 48 Vdc 15 - 125 Vdc
Power 100 - 150 W 150 - 250 W
Nominal Inputs 100 - 240 Vac 100 - 240 Vac
Frequency 48 - 420 Hz 48 - 420 Hz
Compatible DC inputs Yes, DC inputs.. Yes, DC inputs..
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60 - 250 W for DIN or wall mounting

ADC5000 series

The Powernet ADC5000 series AC-DC power supplies and battery chargers with 12V, 24V, 48V outputs, 60, 125 and 250 W output power. The are DIN-rail mounted or on wall and chassi. Operating temperature range -40°C to +55°C, with derating up to +70°C.


Output voltages 12 - 48 Vdc
Power 60 - 250 W
Input voltage 110 / 230 Vac
Type of input Jumper
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800 W programable 12 - 140 V

ADC4370 series


Powernet ADC4370 series AC-DC power supplies can be used as fixed output voltage, battery charger or a programmable output with 12 - 140 V output and 800 W output with fan cooling. Operating temperature range -40°C to +55°C,  with derating +70°C. A version used to build system in 19" subrack, see ADC7181

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1600 W programmable 24 - 72 V

ADC7520 series


The Powernet 1600 W fan cooled series use very flexible outputs covering a wide range with 3 models from 12V to 72V. Power factor controlled input. Low ripple and noise outputs.  Fulfils EMC requirements for both Labb and industrial applications. Optionally externally adjustable by analogue 0-5V. High practical MTBF and are CE marked as an apparatus. For build in or wall mounting.

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3000 W programable 12 - 320 V

ADC7480 series


Powernet ADC7480 series programmable AC-DC power supplies with very flexible outputs 24 - 320 V with 3000 W output power. They are compact and fan cooled intended for voltage distribution or battery charging systems. Operational temperature range -40°C till +45°C and  +70°C with derating.

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