DC/DC Converters

DC/DC Converters 40W to 2000W free standing units

pm500-110-24-2 ljus

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FAQ for DC/DC converters

Polyamp provide free standing DC/DC converters, which means they meet EMC, EMI, electrical safety requirements and can be installed in any weather protected environment. The units are air cooled, convection cooled and can mostly be mounted in any direction.
The EMC performance is such they can be mounted in low noise applications. The output ripple is among the industries lowest. The immunity levels meet tough requirements in substations, trains, vehicles, railway and industrial applications. We have also models that meet EN50022 special low noise Telecom environment.

The mechanics are based on sturdy aluminum cases, that provides conduction cooling, mechanical stability for any type of vehicles, trains, locos, ships, marine, military rubber wheel vehicles.
All units can be mounted on chassis, mounting plate, wall also with TS35 DIN rail.
Most units are 19"-rack modular 2U, 3U, 6U.

We have three families 19"-sub rack Euroformat 3HE and 6HE, 8 to 14 TE PSE (100-250W)-3HE, PSC(50-240W)-3HE and PSC(400-800W)-6HE.
Polyamp can provide special mechanics solution and systems based on our units, as well as Secure 2x N+1 redundant systems for power utilities, off shore applications and many more.

Polyamp production system is ISO9001:2008 certified and can deliver most models within 1 to 4 weeks ARO. We have almost 98% delivery accuracy on the order confirmed day.

Polyamp has more than 40 years of experience in designing and production DC/DC converters. We have always kept high performace in reliability and delivery accurancy. Our motto: A Secure part of your system.

The new PSC-series design - The longer story
DC/DC omvandlare
DC regulator for 600 and 750 Vdc
PM500 260 - 500 W wall, DIN and 19-rack
PSE100 100 W 8TE 3HE, DIN and wall mount
PSC150 100 - 150 W, 2 - 3 outputs
PM150 150 W wall, chassie, 19 -rack mounting
PM240 216 - 240 W wall, chassie, 19-rack
PSE250 150 - 250 W Euroformat 8-10TE wall & DIN mount
PU300 216 - 300 W wall, chassis, 19-rack
PU500 400 - 500 W wall, chassie-, 19-rack
PSC600 300 - 800 W Euroformat 6HE, 8TE & wall mount
PU600 550 - 600 W 19-rack, wall mount
PU1000 800 -1000 W 19-rack, wall mounting
PC2000 1000 - 2000 W 19 -rack 2U, wall mount
DC-DC Converters Systems
PA355 4x12 mA constant current source
Series diode box
ABB part number DC/DC converters