12 V input

Is used mainly in car related applications or small mobile systems or in back-up systems. 12 V input voltage is handled by the A input voltage range 10-30 V or an input range coded 12 (11-16V).


Input range Family code
A = 10 - 30 Vd.c. PM50 PSE100 PSC150 PM150  PU300
12 = 11 - 16Vd.c.(*)

PM250 PU300 12/27

Polyamp guarantee full performance within the specified input range, which means 105% load capacity, 110% output voltage level at max rated operational temperature.
A common question is if we can handle cranking down to 6 V. In general the converter switch off before 9 V, however will restart in a controlled manner.

Applications around 12V car systems are drowned by cheap and dirty converters as it is directed to consumers that usually do not use sensitive applications. A cigarette outlet supplied converter from good brand laptop manufacturer can kill a whole Police or Ambulance EMC environment.

Polyamp deliver to Police and Ambulances, modified vehicles used aroud Swedish UN troops worlwide.