Is today mostly used in train applications and on the North American markets. Use the B input (20-60V) or ask for a specific 36 input range. The 36 input code it is not in our standard input range but can be made on demand.
For train or mobile application a standard B-input range covers EN50155, IEC60571 train standards.


Input range Family codes
B = 20 - 60 Vd.c. PM50  PSC150 PM150 PU300 PU600
B = 20 - 72 Vd.c. PSE100
36 = 28 - 50 Vd.c. PM80 PM240 PSC240 PU500 PU1000
36 = 30 - 50 Vd.c. (*) PSE200, PSE250, PM250, PC1000, PC1400
36T = 21.6 - 50.4 Vd.c. For train EN 50155/IEC 60571 and forklifts, on demand
36T = 18 - 60 Vd.c. For some train markets, on demand

Polyamp guarantee full performance within the specified input range, which means 105% load capacity, 110% output voltage level at max rated operational temperature.
(*) Rated input voltage with max rating and temperature. The input accept <-35%  of nominal input before switching of the converter. The output can drop to 95% of nominal output.