DC-DC Converters Systems N+1

pse250-220-24Polyamp supplies customized DC/DC converter systems in 19"-sub rack with 3U/3HE or 6U/6HE units. They are based on our Euro format pluggable units with PSE100 upp till PSE250 serien med 3HE eller PSC600 series for 6HE pluggable units.

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Series diode box

diodeboxThe diode box is an accessory mainly for PU500 models but can be used with any other DC/DC converter or power supply. The advantage of using the diode box is that the series diode thermal losses can be put outside the converter and there is no need to derate the output current.
We have models for voltage/current ratings from 30 V 32 A to 300 V 12 A.

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DC regulator for 600 - 750 Vdc inputs

PSD400 series

The PSD400 600/200 dc regulator with input 600 V & 750 Vd.c. from trolley buses, underground and tram lines. This compact unit also filters over voltages common in such supply grids. The output is a regulated and filtered 200 Vd.c. 2 or 4 A.

PSC150 - PSC240

  PSD 600/200 PSD 750/200
Output 200 Vdc 200 Vdc
Power 200/400 W 200/400 W
Input 600Vd.c. 750 Vd.c.
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12V fast charging DC UPS for forklifts

dc-ups-12vIn large storages the handling forklifts are used during several shifts. Instead of charging the whole forklift vehicle they use interchangeable battery modules. To change such battery it takes some minutes. On the forklift, the driver has direct contact with the logistic system via a computer connected to a WiFi network. Those computers use Windows® Operating system and they do not like sudden power down. Polyamp developed together with suppliers of forklift computers a DC UPS that overcome this problem.

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Secure strings relay supply with constant current

PA355PA355 is a constant current source with 4 outputs. It is used to supply current to safety relays on train or track-side applications. It automatically compensate for changes in feeding cable lengths up to 15 km. PA355 is able to feed 4 individual relays, with common zero. Each output has surge arrestors as protection.

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ABB part no DC/DC converters

pa270Polyamp has supplied a number of DC/DC converters models for the ABB group. (Earlier ASEA in Sweden and BBC in Switzerland.)
We supplied DC/DC converters from 1970-ies and onwards. As our reliability and life expectancy is high, many are out worldwide still in operation. We have listed a number of units that we can support for replacement.

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