AC/DC Power supplies

Our program includes:

Laboratory unit from Delta Elektronika 150 W up to 15 kW
It is characterized by having the market's best data that can be summarized with: My silent lab companion!
Short delivery times and built-in or options for communication interfaces and built-in loads for motor controls or fast load transmissions, speed up regulation, etc.
The SM15 series can send back the entire inductive energy to a synchronized 4-phase network.

Convection power supply 5 W to 1200 W from Delta Elektronika and Polyamp
Europe format 60 W to 280 W 3HE and 6 HE 1, 2, 3 output voltages
Standalone units 60 W to 1200 W
Polyamp AC/DC power supply has -25 to + 70 °C operating temperature and can also be used for installation.

Freestanding fan-cooled units 800 W to 3000 W
Freestanding fan-cooled 700 W to 3000 W, for installation, battery charging and are controllable.
Freestanding units for installation in trains and subways 600 W to 3000 W two and three phase models.
Redundant systems for even military applications.


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