Do REACH and SVHC affect Polyamp?

REACH is a directive that since 2008, demands control of the use of chemicals within the EU.
Polyamp is not regarded as a producer of any chemical and has therefore not pre registered anything. We have gone thru all our safety datasheet and communicated with our suppliers.

The list of SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) which is continuosly updated since October 2008 are study those list regularly to make a risk analyse  in order to assess if any reportable quantities can be found in our products. Download a REACH Declaration.

SVHC  are substances that EC want to put restriction of use or remove from the market. The  ECHA publishes SVHC substances reguraly which a manufacturer needs to analyse to be able to report the use and content of those SVHC substances. 

The problem is that potentially 3000 substances can be subject to be regarded as a SVHC and have to immediately be reported in your product documentation if the content is more than 0.1% of weight as soon as it appears as in a candidate list.

All companies that worked hard with the RoHS directive know the administrative burden that was needed for 6 substances.

In the REACH directive the 0.1% is told to be on the final product but some leading EC countries has decided it is 0.1% weight on all materials, like in the RoHS directive (however not in the term homogeneus material).

In the electonic industry this is a momentarely release of the burden as we can then concentrate on the larger parts of the product instead of analysing all electronic components. (Which can be several hundred per product.)

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