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Electromagnetic mine sweeps

Magnetic and Electric Sweep Supply

Influential sea mines discover different signatures and the main trigger parameter is normally magnetic signature. Modern mines can also use Underwater electric potential (UEP)/ELFE areas as a trigger. An active method of removing the influence of the mine threat is to sweep safe roads. Influential mining replicates ships similar signatures to the magnetic and electrical influences that trigger the modern sea mine.

Specialized MCM Vessels or Remote Controlled Vessels, Mining Duty is the ship's low signature that is equipped with a mine sweep power supply system and a drawn mine sweep batch simulating the target signature vessel.

The Polyamp MSS2000 © My Scrap Supply System has a modular design with multiple power modules that deliver multiple scan loads that form the active target signature. 

Sweep loads can be modular magnetic coils, acoustic generators, UEP sweepers, etc. The MSS2000 can also add an AC leakage field to form a complete ship-like signature with both direct and alternating fields.

Along with the Polyamp Sweep Profiler software package, actual ship-like magnetic signatures can be simulated through the mine sweep. Generated sweep signatures are software controlled and can therefore be selected a new target signature at any time. Swept route effect data can be transferred to vessel management systems enabling swept evaluation route in real time.