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Underwater signature measurement system

Using single to multiple platforms, movable or fixed solutions

Polyamp has designed the UMISS© family of Multi Influence Sensors Systems  to measure Underwater Signatures. 
The UMISS© MkII Sea Module is in its standard configuration equipped with 3-axis magnetic, 3-axis ELFE electric and a pressure sensor. The use of acoustic sensor as well as a seismograph sensor are optional. 
The signals measured by the Sea Module sensors are digitized using high precision 24 bit ADCs, then merged to a data stream with ETH UDP serial data and transmitted through a cable to the receiving module up to 100 m distance. 

The UMISS platform is designed to be used as a single measuring unit or in combination with several platforms.

3 to +10 UMISS platforms can be combined as a moveable or fixed signature measurement range. In such case an UWJB underwater Junction Box is added to merge the UMISS platforms data and tranfer via WLAN to a surface buoy or via TCP/IP cable or optical communication (combined with power) is also available. 
No measured data is stored within the platform. 
We have delivered to a number of applications. From Free standing unit, transportable range and fixed measurement ranges. The Electric field disc can be replaced by longer sensor distance arrangements.

  • Upgrading conventional sea measurment ranges
  • Transportable sea measurment ranges
  • Surveillance, fixed or mobile equipment
  • Simulate influence mines
  • Part of a Harbour protection system
  • Environmental assessment system
    • (eg, wave, earthquake, ionospheric noise)

Polyamp UEP och ELFE Systems - important features

  • Very low noise amplifier - High sensitivity
  • Carbon fiber electrodes - robust technology
  • Salinity independent - Useful for all waters
  • Inert sensors - Maintenance-free without the need of salt bridges
  • Rapid Deployment - No operational delays
  • High reliability - Long service life
  • 3 Axis Platform designs - Fast  setup ranges