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Power supplies and DC/DC converters

Power division

Power Division | The Polyamp Power Division specializes in DC/DC converters and power supplies. Since the 1970s, we have been designing high-performance DC/DC converters for the high reliability and electrical performance. They are used in systems with high demands.

DC/DC Converters

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DC/DC Converters | Polyamp develops and manufactures DC/DC converters that are stand-alone, which means that they meet and exceed high demands on EMC and safety. They can be installed in any weather-protected space. They are air-cooled with convection and can be mounted in any direction.

The standard operating temperature is -25 to + 55 °C or + 70 °C with full output. The DC converters can be mounted in environments that are sensitive to interference, such as military, marine and telecom. At the same time, they are able to be in electrically poor environments such as switchgear, power industry, trains and heavy industry. We have just as good EMC data on input as output.

Here's why Polyamp is the obvious choice:

Polyamp is a company that provides 100% in all projects
We give 100% to make our products as good as they possibly can be.
We have close to 100% delivery security.
Our devices are basically 100% faultless, even after many years. One product from the range showed MTBF calculation 3.3 million hours and a life of 55 years.
We are 100% Polyamp and are definitely proud.

Polyamp is a high-tech company that has concentrated on DC/DC for more than 50 years. This means that we have the broadest experience on the market. Our designs and products are reliable. According to independent market institutes, our customers have the same opinion about us.

Polyamp's products are "A safe part of your system", and require less monitoring.

High service level.

Polyamp is an open company and we are happy to cooperate with companies/schools/organizations. We are happy to share our long experience.

At the same time, parts of our business are surrounded by confidentiality when we manufacture and handle defense equipment that is strictly regulated by special rules and regulations.


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Polyamp Power Division is specialised in DC/DC converters and power supplies. Since the 1970's we design DC/DC converters with a reputation of very high reliability and electrical performance, used in systems with high demands.

Polyamp Systems Division is specialised in design of Naval electromagnetic signatures supression for international customers in Navies or shipyards. We also produce a Underwater Electric Potential (UEP) sensors which is mainly used in Naval and in Oil exploration applications.