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Degaussing Systems

Protection of ships and submarines from Sea mines

Modern sea mines or torpedoes detect different underwater signatures of a vessel, like acoustics, pressure, corrosion and magnetic field. The trigging moment is mainly decided by the magnetic field signature with certain condition criteria’s provided by the other signatures. 

The below diplay shows the emidiate effect on the magnetic signature, between using a Degaussing system or switching it off.

The purpouse of a Degaussing system is to make the magnetic signature smouth, resulting in a  difficult task for the mine to find a trigging point.

A steel hulled 3 dimentional  coil system

As Navy vessels today operate closer the costal areas then the threat of influence mines increases. Better Degaussing systems than previously used, is therefore a necessity. The answer to this increased threat is to use 3-dimentional Degaussing coil structure, one degaussing amplifier per coil on a steel hulled vessel with direct control from a 3-axis magnetometer. Typically, 90-95% of the ship's signature can then be neutralized. 

This coil structure is ideal for the section building of ships. The location of the Degaussing System components is very flexible and there is no need for a dedicated console operator to run an Degaussing system. The console function can be one of many other programs in an appropriate workstation onboard the ship.

Vessels operating very close to the mines are made in non-magnetic materials like GRP/CF or stainless steel. Still they need to be equipped with a Degaussing system. On such vessels the coil system has a combination of area coils and component coils.
Aluminium vessels have issues with stochastic created Eddy current magnetic fields. (*)

Polyamp provides:

  • Degaussing systems suitable from the smallest vessel to aircraft carrier, as well as submarines
  • Turnkey capacity including system design, equipment delivery and proof trials
  • Effective magnetic signature management with control, evaluation and prediction using SWECADE software suite
  • Modular and digital open systems can be upgraded for future threats levels
  • Favorable total cost of ownership
  • Cost-effective procurement                                                (*) Provide us with a working model, then we implement it.    

A Polyamp ADG is normally controlled by one or more magnetometers to achieve a low signature. Several backup modes are available, including the Gyro Geomagnetic map and manual, depending on the design of the system.

The ADG signature adjusts by changing loop coil currents. Worldwide operations can be maintained without having to change connections on junction boxes or to control everything before the operational area.

The ADG design process is much faster, especially when using SWECADE © extensive data acquisition and measurement software with coil modeling.

Remote control from the ranging office can be achieved, quickly and safely by simply connecting a transceiver to the DG system.

The Polyamp's powerful ADG system enables significant savings on the overall cost of installation and weight to be achieved using smaller and thinner coil cables. This is of great benefit to the shipyard.

ADG is also ideal for the modern principles of section building of ships. The location of the Degaussing System components is very flexible. The console function can be one of many other programs in a workstation aboard the ship.