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Signature Management

SWECADE is a “toolbox” for support of the signature management of a ship or ships class that offers a user-friendly way to acquire, store, retrieve and analyse data that concerns the electromagnetic nature of the vessel. 
SWECADE, has features for the following typical activities and phases of a ship’s lifetime: 

During ship design 
Calculations of magnetic properties for hull elements and onboard components. 
Create and evaluate different coil design alternatives during ship design phase.
Design of cable paths for the loop coil system by easy coordinate input 
Optimization of cable types for loops and feeders.
Provide reliable magnetic overall signature figures for the entire ship or ships class.

  • During FAT and SAT 
    Give support during first of class ranging 
    Collect, store and present the data acquired from underwater magnetic/electric sensors 
    Allow the range expertise to analyse the stored data and compare it with predictions 
    Provide a library for storage of experiences at the tuning of the system for future use
  • During the ship’s lifetime 
    Support all kinds of regular ranging by easy access to previously achieved data 
    Provide quick help for ship upgrades that may affect the magnetic signature 
    Make studies due to changed signature requirements (due to a change of threat or weapons) 
    Provide bases for reports and studies in the form of different diagrams or lists 
  • For future ship designs 
    Provide a data base for storage of typical components such as engines, generators etc. 
    Give a background for loop coil improvements
  • As support to MCM-activities 
    Acquire typical target data that can be used for remote mine sweeping. 
    Provide threat analysis in a worldwide perspective 
  • For training 
    Modified real signatures can be used for training of range personal without engaging any ship 
    The software can be used as a training or pedagogic device for shipbuilders 

The Polyamp software package SWECADE has been developed over a period of over 20 years in close cooperation with ships operators, range personal and designers of degaussing systems. The software is used in all RSwN ranges fixed as well as transportable.

The three modules in SWECADE © are:

The component prediction module:
  • The calculated magnetic signature at all depth and surrounding field
  • Modular construction of the entire vessel set of components (motors, gears, etc.)
The loop-coil construction package:
  • Design of loop coils for components, a ship or a ship class
  • 3D graphics screens of cable paths
  • Prediction of coil effects at all distances
Distance tools are optimized for:
  • Signal processing and data management
  • Fast, semi-automatic, coil prediction and definition of optimal settings
  • Powerful display and printing routines
  • Built-in training for operators and demagnetization techniques

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