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Signature Management

Underwater signatures from ships used for fusing and detection should be known and checked for each warship before a mission.

SWECADE © is a software package for magnetic, electrical and print management signature. It has been developed in collaboration with FMV (the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration) to be the most important tool in prediction, design and evaluation of non-acoustic submarine signatures.

SWECADE © has been used at all Swedish intervals (sea and land) since 1995, and in its current version it is also adapted for transportable intervals.

SWECADE © runs on a standard PC with Windows XP and can read sensor values from a file or use ADCs for data collection.

The three modules in SWECADE © are

The component prediction module module offers:
  • The calculated magnetic signature at all depth and surrounding field
  • Modular construction of the entire vessel set of components (motors, gears, etc.)
The loop-coil construction package features:
  • Design of loop coils for components, a ship or a ship class
  • 3D graphics screens of cable paths
  • Prediction of coil effects at all distances

Distance tools are optimized for:

  • Signal processing and data management
  • Fast, semi-automatic, coil prediction and definition of optimal settings
  • Powerful display and printing routines
  • Built-in training for operators and demagnetization techniques

SWECADE© Screenshoot