Systems Division

The Systems division specializes in supplying systems for underwater magnetic and electric signature suppression and detection of ships and submarines. 

Systems and components delivered are:
 •    Advanced Degaussing systems from RHIB to Carriers and submarines. 
 •    Our fast deployable, long life carbon fiber (CF) UEP/ELFE sensors and  amplifiers.
 •    Underwater signature measurement system. 
 •    With the SWECADE© software, we can measure, document and predict magnetic and electrical underwater signatures. 
 •    Light electromagnetic sweep for up to Frigate size vessels.
 •    Systems and components for magnetic and electrical signature adaptation of ships and submarines.

Power Division

The Polyamp Power Division specializes in DC/DC converters and power supplies. With partners we expand to Labb power supplies, AC/DC modules as well as DC/AC also for hash environments. 

Since the end of 1960s, we have been designing high-performance DC/DC converters with high reliability and electrical performance. They are used in systems with high demands.