DC/AC Inverters

The DC/AC inverters and systems are adapted to fixed installations also in heavy industry, power industry and fixed railway axis installations. They are not adapted for mobile applications.

DC/AC inverter 800 - 1500 W
DC-AC inverters are available for voltages 24, 48/60, 110/125 and 220 Vdc with programmable 230 Vac 50 Hz output.

There are three basic modules:

  1. 14 TE plug-in module in a 6U 19" subrack system, as shown on the right.
  2. Stand-alone module that can be mounted on wall or in 2U 19" rack, see configurations below.
  3. 1.5U 19 "rack module for 48 V telecom installations.
  4. These can be supplemented with automatic by-pass, manual switch and fuse distribution.
  5. three phase

Powernet DAC60000 dual series
Inverters made for telecom 48 / 60Vdc voltage, 115/230 Vac output voltage. The base is 2 1.5U 19" rack unit, which is stackable and can be configured N + 1 and provide system power from 1 kVA to 27 kVA.

DC/AC inverter one and three phase
A module can provide between 1000 - 1500 VA or 600 W - 1200 W and can, through parallel connection, reach up to 30 kVA a phase or three phase. DC/AC inverters are available for voltages 24, 48/60, 110/125 and 220 Vdc.

A 6U rack has room for 6 modules which can be 1-6 inverters, a 6 kVA by-pass module and a manual switch with 3 distribution outputs. The devices can be remotely monitored locally or via the Internet. The systems can be configured with sk. N + 1 redundancy.

AC/AC Static Switch MBP Series
An AC/AC UPS system uses mostly AC directly from the network in normal mode. The inverter system is dormant/standby and intervenes in power outages. The static switch ensures that switching between the networks is smooth and controlled without interruption.


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