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Light mine sweep towed by ROV

Using our experience from the MSS2000 minesweep, which was a classical electrode sweep.
The difference was the use of floating cables. The floating cable principle worked very well.
Using our SWECADE magnetic prediction software we created this much lighter solution.

Modern Sea mines and Torpedoes prefer to blow from the depth of the sea. That create an underwater wave that twist the hull, making the vessel a lame duck. Therefore mines are laid on the bottom and torpedoes do not actually hit the vessel.
Another reason is that mines “floating” in the water volume are easier to detect with modern sonar systems.

Sea mines uses different signatures even though the main trigger parameter is the magnetic signature. In order to determine if it’s a real target, other signatures are event criteria’s like pressure, UEP/ELFE and acoustics. 

Still today most mine sweeps are large and heavy to tow due to not so well thought design and traditional processes. Polyamp supplied an Electrode sweep called MSS2000, creating both magnetic and electric signatures to the Swedish Navy, which was an example of such solution.

Of that reason our new designed Sweep looks like magic!

It can be towed with a small vessel like RHIB/ROV and still simulate a Frigate size vessel < 150 m, which represent the majority of costal operation Navy vessels. 
By changing currents the magnetic signature profile look like a vessel without Degaussing system or having the more complex signature of a vessel equipped with an ADG Degaussing system. Also by using modern Paravane it’s easy to operate. 

  • Complete sweep fits in 20 ft container
  • Total Sweep power used is 25 kW for both magnetic and electric
  • Sweep junction includes status signals and detonation sensor
  • Paravane makes it easy to navigate, possibility to run 2 sweeps in paralell
  • Accoustic sounder can be added

Sweep signatures modelled by SWECADE